Laboratory Testing


  • Soil sampling and testing
    • Classification of soils (USCS, AASHTO, USDA)
      • Sieve analysis
      • Hydrometer analysis
      • Atterberg limits (liquid limit & plastic limit)
    • Proctors (standard & modified)
    • Permeability (constant head & falling head)
    • Organic content, pH, & soluble salts/electrical conductivity
    • CBR (California Bearing Ratio)
    • Direct shear
  • Compressive strength testing (concrete, grout, mortar, rock, & soil)
  • Testing of materials used for landscaping purposes
  • Sprayed Fire Resistive Materials (SFRM) testing
  • Soil-cement analysis & testing
  • Environmental sampling
  • Aggregate testing
  • Asphalt testing

IES operates a full-service, AASHTO accredited soils and materials testing laboratory on-site at their West Chester, Pennsylvania location. IES offers an extensive range of laboratory testing services which can be performed independently or in support of their field sampling/testing, special inspections, construction oversight, and/or geotechnical engineering services.

IES’s laboratory performs a wide array of laboratory tests following strict ASTM and AASHTO standard procedural testing requirements.

They are dedicated to assisting engineers, owners, developers, designers, builders, and contractors by routinely providing pertinent data necessary to adhere to project specifications and requirements.