Structural Engineering



Ingram Engineering Services, Inc. believes engineering is about ideas, creativity, and collaboration.We believe bold, beautifully executed design comes from teamwork. Working as a team, we create elegant, safe, and strong structures. Our process begins with listening to you and learning about the project. We then provide creative approaches that consider design, safety, efficiency, and budget.

Three core values guide our work and client relationships: Responsiveness, Quality, and Creativity.


IES offers:

  • Structural design services to architects
  • Construction support engineering to contractors
  • Investigation, condition assessment and feasibility consulting to property owners and developers


Our experience spans a wide array of materials, systems, and building types, from the foundation for a light post, to a 4 story residential dormitory, to the design of FMC tower: the 6th tallest building in Philadelphia.

We work with national architectural firms, individual practitioners, developers, academic institutions, contractors and individual property owners.

We can work as the structural consultant on your project team or with other IES divisions to provide a total project solution.

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