Steve Joran, PE

Steve Joran, PE

Educations and Accreditations:

Penn State University: BS Civil Engineering (2011)

Engineer in Training Certificate:

Pennsylvania (2011)

Professional Engineer Certificate+

Pennsylvania (2017)

Steven Joran, PE, Began in depth, hands-on training in the field of geotechnical engineering with assistance of qualified IES Senior Engineers/Technicians in July of 2011 before making the switch to a full time Junior Engineer in early 2012.  Has become proficient in performing:

  • Soil Compaction Testing utilizing a Nuclear Moisture-Density Gauge (Nuclear Gauge Safety and Hazmat Certified), visual proof rolling, and extensive geoprobing.  Able to provide in-field recommendations to remediate any marginal soils encountered.
  • Footing Inspections
    • Confirm soil subgrade bearing capacity via drop-hammer penetration testing
    • Check proper horizontal/vertical steel reinforcement against approved foundation plans for quantity, size, spacing, etc.
    • Concrete/Masonry Quality Control Testing (ACI Certified Concrete Field Testing Technician—Grade I)
    • Infiltration/Permeability Testing for Best Management Practice (BMP) Stormwater Facilities


Steve continues to evolve in the field under the direction and supervision of colleagues in performing Geotechnical Investigations, Soil Borings employing both Standard Penetration Testing (SPT) and Split-Spoon Sampling, and Exploratory Test Pit Investigations.



484-947-5549 Ext. 202