Geotechnical Engineering

Ingram Engineering Services, Inc. combines innovation and skill, to provide cost-effective solutions for a multitude of geotechnical projects, including design, consulting, testing and monitoring. Our certified, fully equipped soil mechanics laboratory is outfitted with modern testing instrumentation and is managed by a professional engineer with more than 20 years of experience. Testing is conducted in general accordance with applicable ASTM procedures. Having an on-site soil laboratory allows the team to quickly analyze soil properties and characteristics, thus accelerating the process of providing clients with recommendations for next steps.

Our geotechnical services team has successfully completed projects for various government agencies, public and private industrial institutions, developers, architectural and engineering firms and construction companies.

We specialize in the following geotechnical services:

  • Site evaluation
  • Geology/hydrogeology
  • Seismology and earthquake engineering
  • Foundation and materials testing
  • Subsurface exploration
  • Excavation and shoring
  • Tunneling


Testing and Monitoring:

  • Soil, rock and materials laboratory
  • In situ soils testing and instrumentation
  • Surface and borehole geophysics
  • Groundwater pumping tests
  • Dynamic and static pile load tests
  • Crosshole sonic logging
  • Downhole camera inspection
  • Pile Dynamic Analysis
  • Pile Integrity Testing