MEP and Solar Engineering Services


Ingram Engineering Services, Inc. seeks to integrate the latest proven technology with exceptional design to provide solutions that are: sustainable, simple, easy adoption, efficient and safe. In a world of ever more valuable and constrained resources, design of building systems and campus infrastructures demands careful attention and wise choices.  We work closely with those who will occupy the building and those that will operate them to make sure there is a good long term fit between design and client objectives. We bring the particular experience for each discipline- mechanical, electrical, plumbing, information systems and telecom – to create an integrated team that best fits the projects need. We approach projects from an analytical, technical and practical perspective and utilize modeling tools to inform our design process.

Through collaboration with architects, interior designers and builders we are moving towards a more efficient approach to design, construction and operation. Our dedication to energy efficient design is embedded into our culture from the beginnings. We take seriously the challenge to working towards a cost effective and efficient design practice for each individual client.