Concordville Subaru – Concordville, PA.

Aerial Drone Footage of Project

Client – Concordville Subaru

Project Location – Concordville, PA.

The project encompasses a multi-story new commercial facility to house the New Concordville Nissan Dealership encompassing it’s sales floor, service drive, service area, detailing locations, and on-site car wash. IES has been involved with this project from the ground up including the following geotechnical, structural, and materials testing engineering services:

  • Site Development – Compaction testing upon placed fill of the building slab, parking lots, and retaining wall construction, soil remediation, inspection of stormwater management facilities
  • Concrete Inspection Services – Footing and Slab Subgrade verification, inspection of reinforcing steel, field and laboratory concrete testing in accordance to ACI/ASTM Standards and Specifications
  • Steel Inspection Services – Inspections upon the steel superstructure including bolted and welded connections per ICC and IBC requirements to ascertain conformance with the approved construction drawings
  • Structural Engineering Services – Structural Design and Engineering as it pertains to steel erection of the building with considerations to design loads as well as architectural considerations.