OJR Middle School, Pottstown, PA–(2008 – 2012) IES was retained by the Owen J. Roberts School Board as the Owner’s independent Testing and Engineering Consultant.  This 84 Million Dollar, 14-month project entailed extensive structural retrofitting, new construction, and earthwork typical of this industry. 

Pulte Group- (PA, MD, NJ, 2008 – present): 

Pulte Group has provided several geotechnical engineering and testing opportunities across many residential communities.  Geotechnical testing has been such as:  Concrete/Rebar Inspections, Soil Subgrade Inspections for Load Bearing Areas (Florence, NJ), Sinkhole/Karst Remediation (Lehigh County, PA), Building Pad Subgrade Remediation (Medford, NJ), Soil Cement Stabilization (Medford, NJ), Risk Management (North & Central NJ), Punchlist Items (New Britain & Coopersburg, PA) and other general development site work (site balancing, grading, etc.).  IES has an outstanding working relationship with Pulte Group and was proudly named the 2013 Pulte Group Northeast Corridor Division – Land Trade Partner of the Year.  

Orleans Home Builders – (PA & NJ, 2013 – present):  IES has overseen several Orleans Home Builders community projects as they pertain to community development, dedication, and transition processes.  In conjunction with Orleans, IES has provided geotechnical engineering and testing services as they pertain to the above-mentioned facets of Orleans’ residential communities such as basin conversions, amended soils, utility infrastructure maintenance, paving & concrete replacement and associated laboratory testing. Orleans has provided IES with several of these opportunities across their residential communities to establish an outstanding working relationship with IES.  

Whiteland Village, Exton, PA – (August 2008 – Current) IES was acting as the testing/geotechnical firm since shortly after ground broke in the Summer of 2008.  This 100 Acre, 850 Unit Retirement Community requires all aspects of construction testing, bearing value confirmation and special geologic consideration due to high concentrations of carbonate geology.  Paul Risk Associates was the Construction Manager. Current, First Service Residential has become the property manager where IES has contributed to several projects including pond dredging, retaining wall monitoring, and general site improvements.

1701 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA(2008-2010) Structural Rehab/Design of a 3-Story historical structure to remove the second floor.  This project entailed complete foundation and sidewalk infrastructure rehabilitation, permitting with Philadelphia L&I, and overseeing all construction including performing low-clearance borings, steel design and inspections, concrete testing (air, slump, cylinders) weld inspections and fire proofing.  Construction was 24-hours a day, seven days a week to meet tenant opening deadline.

Fort Dix and McGuire’s Air Force Base: (2006 -2011) Well over $50,000.00 of Borings, Pavement Analyses, and Soil & Foundation Reports throughout numerous stages of the bases.  Chadd W. Ingram, P.E., had to coordinate and oversee boring and related operations on the bases as well as adhere to strict policy for operating on the base.  The Client for IES was United Communities.  This project continued for 1500+ dwelling units and related construction infrastructure from 2009 through 2011 where as IES oversaw all testing aspects including soils, concrete, mortar, steel (as applicable), bituminous, clean fill, and similar.

Inglewood, New Jersey: Client: The Bannett Group: (2005-2006 ) Chadd W. Ingram had to oversee the extensive subgrade remediation along the bank of the Hudson River for a 4-Story elevated Concrete Parking Garage.  This deep subgrade remediation required extensive testing, analysis, and design for an artisan condition approximately 6-8 feet below massive pier footing invert of the structures, resulting in a quick sand condition that posed potential catastrophic failure of the partially constructed structure.  This project was overcome by deep compaction grouting design by Chadd W. Ingram and the Compaction Grouting Contractor. 

Phase I Environmental Studies and Related for: Planland, LLC, West Berlin, NJ: (2009-current) Continuing to provide Phase I Environmental services in accordance to all applicable State and Federal Regulatory Agencies.

Godwin Pumps, Bridgeport, New Jersey:  (February. 2009, Spring 2012) Performed Pavement, Coring and Subgrade Analyses of approximately 20,000 square foot of paving that was installed under no Municipal oversight.  IES had to confirm that all methods for the subgrade preparation, mix design, and bituminous compaction was performed in accordance to industry standards.  Additionally, IES had to perform portable borings/drilling for a structure that was placed over a water table with no prior Soil & Foundation Report.  IES performed drilling on a steep slope adjacent to a man-made lake to depths of 6 feet below the water surface to confirm the compaction and structural integrity of the subgrade.  This involved tedious casing of the boring holes due to running sands and caving.

Patient First – Southeastern Pennsylvania, Central & Southern New Jersey: (2013 to present) IES has been involved with the structural and geotechnical aspects of the construction of new Patient First medical centers throughout the tri-state area.  IES has been charged to design, oversee, witness, and provide testing for site preparation activities such as building pad construction, site remediation, and soil cement remediation. Furthermore, IES has provide several testing services for the general construction of each Patient First including steel erection inspection, concrete testing and sampling inspection, and mortar/grout/masonry inspection.

Westrum Development Company

Brewerytown Redevelopment – 31st and Girard Streets, Philadelphia, PA: (2012 to present)  IES has been involved with several projects within the Brewerytown section of Philadelphia as it pertain to the local redevelopment of the area.  IES has performed several geotechnical analysis and testing services as it pertains to construction such as soil borings, site remediation, building pad remediation, and recommendations for footing/foundation systems for proposed structures.  Furthermore, IES has been involved with additional geotechnical and structural testing and inspection services such as compaction testing, steel inspections, and concrete/mortar inspections.

Penn Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania:  IES has been provided with Road Master engineering work as it applies to roadway improvements, but not limited to, restoration of asphalt, restoration of landscaping and roadway swales, and improvements to the immediate sides of the roadway to convey stormwater while effectively minimizing potential erosion.

SB Conrad, Inc. – Apollo Dye (Paterson, NJ – 2014 to Present): IES was charged with the oversight of the redensification of two phases of site development for the proposed construction of new Senior Living construction and similar infrastructure.  Further, IES has provided geotechnical and structural oversight as it pertains to the construction of the new Senior Living buildings as well as parking lots and segmental retaining walls encompassing both phases of the project.

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